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Nina's Beauty Nirvana is unlike many other freelance businesses in the industry. In my experience, not everyone attending a school formal wants a glittery cut-crease with winged liner and lashes, just as not everyone heading to a corporate event wants a sensible all-matte eye look and an understated lip. Because of this, I don't think it's fair to charge everyone attending a formal the same price, on the assumption that these clients will always request a more technical glam look. Similarly, I don't believe a member of a wedding party should be charged an elevated price, simply because they are involved in someone's special day.

As a result, I choose to quote prices based on individuals' makeup requests, rather than charging them based on the event they are attending. To receive a quote for your makeup look idea, please get in contact with me via the 'Contact me' page.

Prices start from $60, for a soft and natural makeup look without lashes.



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